Our Services

Cleaning & Repairs

Based on the condition, traffic, or use, rugs require regular maintenance. At Loominous, we offer professional rug cleaning services where dirt and soil are removed and rugs are bathed, shampooed, and dried in a temperature-controlled room.

Loominous offers full restoration services customized to each rug to ensure that the work is consistent with the historical authenticity and quality of the piece. Drop off rugs at our gallery or use our convenient pickup service. Send us your details

Rug Appraisal

Specialists at Loominous offer informative and accurate appraisals of antique rugs and textiles. As our team experts deal with antique rugs on a daily basis, they can assist in determining their current value in a dynamic and evolving market.

In Home Trials

Loominous has assisted in the design of beautiful homes around the world for over a decade. If you live in Providence or nearby, we offer the opportunity to view rugs of interest in the natural daylight and surroundings of your own home.


Based on the project and your personal desires, we can refer you to designers and architects that we have collaborated with in the past 12 years.