Custom Orders at Loominous

From altering colors of existing designs available in our collections, creating a rug to the perfect size or shape, or designing your ideal rug, Loominous will accommodate each unique order to bring your ideas to life.

1. Consultation

Visit our showroom to discuss your unique ideas or let our vast collection of designs inspire you. We will work with you to match the rug with the interiors of your home. We can manufacture rugs and carpets in any size and shape required for residential and commercial purposes.

2. Colors and Textures

We have over 500 shades of color to choose from and our team can help you match or complement other elements within your room. Each piece is handmade using the finest raw materials such as organic wool, silk, recycled sari, cotton, linen, and hemp.

3. Rendering

After a design is selected, we will produce a scaled computerized rendering to visualize the chosen colors and pattern for your approval.

4. Sample

Based on the full-scale rendering, a small sample is woven to confirm the color, texture, and pile height of the order in person.

5. Production

Once the rendering and sample are approved, we will proceed to weaving the main piece with our manufacturers based in India. Each order is hand-knotted using the finest materials.

6. Final Product

While weaving times may vary depending on the size and quality, the finished piece will be delivered to you within the estimated time.

Schedule an appointment or stop by the Loominous gallery to ask about custom possibilities.