Rug Restoration


It is recommended that at least once a year, you closely examine your rugs for any sign of wear. Look for small tears or unraveling ends and edges, which, if left unrepaired, can worsen. Any time you discover damage, you may bring your rug in to us for evaluation.

Accidents can also cause damage to your rugs, which will require expert restoration in order to repair or remove the affected area. Cigarette burns, holes and tears, damage caused by pets or children, spills and stains can all require this kind of service.

Loominous offers full restoration services for carpets and tapestries. All restoration work is carried out in our own workshop using the finest yarns and materials available. When necessary, our craftsman will spin and dye yarn to guarantee continuity and integrity with the original material. Each restoration project is supervised by one of the gallery staff to insure that the work is consistent with the historical authenticity and quality of the carpet.

Bring your rugs in or call (401) 455-1010 for our convenient pickup service.